Zero Commissions. When you trade through CFG, you will not pay any commissions, regardless of your account balance or trading volume. That's Guaranteed!  There are none of the usual fees that futures and equity traders have become accustomed to - no exchange fees, no broker fees, no ticket fees, no NFA fees, no SEC fees. That's because forex currencies trade over-the-counter, via a global electronic network. There is no centralized exchange which makes for an extremely efficient marketplace, and therefore, transaction costs are minimized.

So how does CFG make money? Like all traded financial products - stocks, bonds, commodities, etc. - currency trading involves a bid/ask spread, which really means the price your counter party is willing to trade. This is the actual cost of a trade in any market. It's not a fixed charge, like a commission. Think of it as the difference between the price at which you would establish a position, and the price you would get if you then immediately offset your position. The FX market maker acts as your counter party in every trade and hopes to earn a profit by quickly closing out each position in a subsequent trade with another client, or by quickly entering into an equal and opposite trade with another currency dealer.

Limited Risk. When you trade through CFG, you will never lose more than you have in your account. That's Guaranteed Too!  We promise that you will never have to face a debit balance at CFG. Because the forex market is virtually always trading, and always liquid, there are no dangerous trading gaps or limit moves, and you can always easily exit a position, usually without slippage. More importantly, if your account equity ever falls to a predetermined level, CFG's state-of-the-art trading platform will automatically close out your positions. This way, much like a final stop loss order, you can be assured you will be protected from losses exceeding your trading capital.



Minimum new account deposit - $2000.00 US


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